Hello world!

This is written as i-bike borrego, LLC begins it public debut in our town of Borrego Springs. My name is Edward Whipple and have been a resident locally for 5yrs.

As I have approached retirement, I began to search for a business to provide for our community. Seeing the need for bicycle and rental services, I am stepping forward, hoping to provide and expand those services to our community and visitors.

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  1. Hello ,

    My name is Lou Patrikis. I visited Borrego Springs last October and rented a bicycle from Dave from Bike Borrego. I understand he closed down the shop. Just wondering whether you have any of his bikes and can rent one to me in May.

    I rented a Marin Verona T-3 Elite road bike. 55cm. Please let me know if you have the same or similar road bike for rental in may.

    Lou Patrikis

  2. Good morning Edward –
    we applaud your effort to fill the void!
    We have two RAD ebikes that could use a tuneup. Is this Something you could help with?

    Greg winterowd

    [email protected]

  3. That’s great that you are continuing what Dave started in Borrego! I wish you luck and look forward to renting an ebike soon! (Please Use a font for the blog That doesn’t Capitalize every Single word. It’s really annoying And Also Onerous to read. From a copy editor.)

  4. I am requesting that you please inform your customers to not ride across Virgin desert, or private property. There are long established designated riding, walking, and biking trails here. I am constantly having to rake over bike tracks in my yard! The desert is being destroyed by these idiots who are obviously suffering from some sort of brain damage, that gives them the right to ride wherever they please. I will be happy to flag down the next group I see, and get their addresses and ride my horse through their yard, she will also leave a little gift. Thank you.

    • Good day – all Renters are informed and sign to obey all lawful rules, including private property. I can do nothing more. I agree the desert is being damaged by riders who find it difficult to ride through appropriate areas. I have also found out that there is little I can do about it unless I am the property owner. I suggest a signs, a recording camera, and report to authorities for trespassing…

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